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The Sound Foxes Experiment website is provided completely for free.

We hope you enjoy our website and our crazy music!

Follow the links to purchase/listen to our zany music, it's available almost everywhere online, so check your favourite streaming/download service provider for access to the bands noizze. Some providers enable lossless format for playback on compatible equipment. Some providers charge money and some do not.

Our website is FREE to use and listen to the sounds. We do not charge, however give you an opportunity if you like our ethos to give us a gift via PayPal. A gift is exactly what it sounds like, a present just like at Christmas. We intend to use funding to continue to develop sounds and artes projects in many shapes and forms, and have dreams of, and ARE, planting and dispersing seeds n flowers, to helpe trees and fauna and flora vibrantly thrive so we all can; to look after wildlife and ourselves is important and deep within the wyldes we all could playe. Its all good, but don't feel obliged to help us. We just love to share!!

Other ways to help us is listen to The Sound Foxes on streaming services where we recieve a few dollars for enough plays.

We also produce underground CDs and if you are lucky you may come across them.

Above all have fun and enjoy yourselves!! Thank you!!!

Places you can find the Sound Foxes Experiment include but not limited to:

Google Play Music
Amazon Music
Jango Radio
uTube Music.

If you like our sounds feel free to give us a gift:::::..:::.:::

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The Sound Foxes Experiment are always expanding their availability, so keep checking your favourite provider!!

You can also listen to select versions and tracks of The Sound Foxes Experiment's music on this website for free.

Last Updated: 28th August 2021.