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The Sound Foxes Experiment:-

The Sound Foxes Experiment - A different kind of sound experience


Oh, humanity where be art thou know?

Thou wast such a huge particular, you came, you plundered, you stole, you bred insesitly for the need to war every faction or clan you could contrive even burning and shafting huge forests to make heavily laden ships that sunk on their maiden voyage ending so many young lives in the shallows of a watery grave.

Even whenst battle had ceased and the corpses rotted and the birds fluttered and cryed tears of lament for the fallen and the repercussions, the birds were felded into big roast pots to be consumed by the innocent and accursed they became down generations perpetrating a mythe strong things made the nation's greater only to gelde the young of your flocke so they warred more viraciously.

For wherst be beckoning now? There is truth in love and salvation in teuth; however the women folke kept scantily clad and heavily laden for money. MONEY- a deception of exile to control an undeade population to perpetrate insanity and vanity like the acts of war and they theâtre of game conscieved by heroin addiction and pestulance created by the persecution of each other and the beasts that care.

Whenst evil insects arose the answer was not to change hearten and be free of vitriolic enmity but to spray and soey the fields so the populations came rancede inside.

Lest became more the trees feld like the geldings of war in highe fashione to emanciate and decsepticate the innocent offerings to knew depravity.

Whenst the TV, oh how we observe you knotte, for it taken the voice insyde and laye it flate to inebreate the minds of the kindrel. Holy is the arte; for art speakethe the fortunes of all, yet the artiste is frowned and burdened withe cruel grief for a fee.

As for the righteous, they became accursed by the stake and the celebratione of martrrys was a steak particularly of veal or venisone to enlarge the ausophogus so wind pasethe more freely. Where be thee knoe and whenst have thou parted? For thou parted the lambs like the loin of humbled folke in the pantry of subservience.

Perhaps the title of sheeple hurt Shaune but yet they lamente not for the innocence of premanufactured drugs that cause the masses to be prothetitised into there only be one chief breeder withe surinyge and clothe. Thay lete it be known only the goode die younge; howeva the master only expectethe the people of his purpose; and thay be kept frightened and nïave so routine and norms kept hiddene the vales of deception.

Oh where be thou knoe? Oh great people of antiquity kept great govern for the natyres was rambling wilde, but the wilde was subseeded by desert, and no one dare venture into the cauldrone. If only they hade chosen to parts wayes and care for the blessed beast insteade of containmente and capture? They coulde have stalked a pathe of innocence and longevity- a kenesis of love....

Will you come back oh humanity, for thou wicked stench of zombie perpetuate the mythe of rancid offerings to God...for God hath forsakene the wicked and forbid he reentry like in the Garden of Eden consumed by fogge of gunpowder and scorched by the cannon of hatred.

Oh humanity, thou changling hast come. Be thou brave on the knew world for a fûture and knew start hathe beckoned. Like your forefathers and foremothers you hath been showne a lighte of goodness. That goodness is inherent withine. Tho fettered bones will forlorn in absence of love and guilded be thou waye.

We came we saw we wondered in an oblíque manner and produced an obstinate sound of fixatione that to us was a melody played in our heart from a heaven a great conquistadore pondered the fâte of this humanity.

Meybe the innocent flocke like birds and notte karrione and will notte pecke each other's platitudes but rather for the kneste of Eden a romance of devoute intelligence that sets the world free and notte alight. For light shinnethe all ways and beckons in the cathedrale of the shared hearte of goode adventure and simple leisyre.

Let peace find your wayes and love cherishe the greatest of virtues - to hold the hand of excellence and stroll through the meadows of beautye.

Open your mind to the Sound Foxes Experiment........

Remember: we are just messengers, and can't necessarliy agree wyth these aliens; although we believe in líve and lette live not all do.
If you wish to fynde out more visit our Facebook page and most pyscobabble is just that: unintelligable....


2017 - The Sound Foxes E.P.
  1 We Cares For We (Full Version)
  2 Sno (Instrumental)
  3 That Rivers Floe
  4 Love Affaire
  5 Vixen Frollix

2017 - Animals Think Big
  1 We Cares For We (Instrumental)
  2 The Green Vales
  3 Love Affaire
  4 Sno (Instrumental)(Remastered)
  5 That Rivers Floe
  6 Love is All That Plays
  7 It is All Around
  8 Kift
  9 Kizax
  10 Teleport System
  11 Vixen Frollix (Remastered)
  12 We Love Again (Instrumental)

2018 - Animals Think Big Remixes for 2018
  1 We Cares For We (Zodiac Instrumental Mix)
  2 Sno (Instrumental)(Subliminal Submariners Mix)
  3 Love Affaire (Rogue Flower Remix)
  4 Kizax (MadMen Mix)
  5 The Green Vales (Rolling Mix)
  6 Love is All That Plays (Deep Cut Remix)
  7 That Rivers Floe (Oblivious Mix)
  8 We Love Again (Blending Remix)
  9 We Cares For We (Zodiac Mix)
  10 Sumie's Recital [Bonus Track]
  11 La Hibou et Le Pivert (Instrumental)(Sensi Mix) [Bonus Track]

2019 - Forseen Evergreen
  1 No Surrender No Retreat
  2 Virginia
  3 TellStarr (Starrgazing)
  4 Floating in Space
  5 The Love We Give (Interloode)
  6 Madussa
  7 Nocturne
  8 Nebuliser
  9 Madagascar
  10 Madussa/Virginia (Fantasy Mix) [Bonus Track]
  11 The More We Knoe (Evil Monarch's Mix) [Bonus Track]

2019 - Journey's Into The Abstract
  1 Boom Bip
  2 Dragon's Breath
  3 Banshee
  4 Whale Song
  5 Somewhere Out There
  6 Cat Knapping (Interloode)
  7 Beckoning Tyde
  8 Blu Flower Synopsis
  9 Abstraction Paramount
  10 Stoned
  11 Flowing Control (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
  12 No Surrender No Retreat (Alternative Mix) [Bonus Track]

2020 - RiP Foxes Killa Bees: Obscure and Hidden Gems
  1 The More We Know (Remix ¦ Instrumental)
  2 The Green Vales (Instrumental)
  3 We Cares For We (VDub Remix)
  4 Bestaire Finnies (Remix ¦ Instrumental)
  5 BluPrint (Instrumental)
  6 Ditty (Electrocution) Instrumental
  7 Kizax (Politberaux's Ruin Mix) [Edit]
  8 Herpule Dracule (Ole Camelote)(Instrumental)
  9 La Hibou et le Pivert (Instrumental)
  10 Sexy Tassles [Explicit]
  11 Oriental Circumferances (Vova Hot Mix) [Bonus Track]
  12 Simila 2 Me [Bonus Track]

2021 - QuTeezBeez
  1 QuTeezBeez (Instrumental)
  2 QuTeezBeez (Silioquay Remix) (Remix ¦ Instrumental)

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