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Radically, The Sound Foxes Experiment website, has been designed for you to explore some of the hypnotic and acquiescent music created by the subversive and conscientious Sound Foxes Experiment team.

The website is very easy to use, just navigate to the music page using the pink menu on the top right, and select the track that you would like to listen to, and violà, you are free to listen to our music by pressing 'Play'. Links are provided for you to find free downloadable versions of our tunes where available.

Yes, our website contains a small amount of advertising. We want to believe in a free internet, but we are only ordinaery citizens and there are many costs associated with our music. We are also giving some of our music away for free, or you can help support us and our struggle, its entirely up to you. There are lots of links provided to enable you to explore our psychedelic sounds. Above all we love to share, and if a small amount of advertising enables us to do this, then we personally can't see a problem with it.

We don't collect or keep any information about the people that use our website, although we do use analytical partners as we are interested in the way our website is used.

Our website is provided by us completely for free, however some of our links may lead to other websites that may charge you to listen or download music. When links are marked as free download, these downloads are provided by third parties and websites. We attempt to keep the information on our website updated frequently. Due to the policies of these other websites, the free nature of these downloads may change, this is obviously beyond our control.

The Sound Foxes Experiment are a revolutionary and an evolving psychedelic experimental electronic outfit; so proceed with caution and enjoy the spicy and unique spaced out mind-altering sounds that we have to offer you......... Search for The Sound Foxes Experiment.......Made with a love for life and those in it........

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