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Is It All Around? :

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A deep and mystical tune, “It is All Around” is an instrumental track of a different nature.
We like to think that we are in tune with our spiritual side, and love to create music that has that type of connection.
The drums boom and the floating and mysterious music plays; we really enjoyed creating this mystery track, and would love you to listen to it.

At the end of the World, what would it be like? Perhaps there would be a new beginning? Perhaps new life would evolve to take our place? What would their beginnings sound like?

Stay connected with us, our music will be around for a while. It's been great turning our hand to music production, hopefully you too will get creative, if you haven't already! Pre-TV, people would talk, discuss and sing, it seems to an extent be lost - let's bring communication back!
This kind revolution will not be subverted or diverted. Our planet is all we have. Let's stop blowing it up and each other and also let's stop killing animals, birds, fish and indeed all creatures, the garden is abundant enough to feed us all if we can agree helping one another is better than financial gain, and let the planet take care of us without ourselves letting blood spill and splatter.

The time is now, revolution is at hand; peace is the future and it beckons. Peaceful revolution is only a step away. Let's take positive and passive action, we don't need to be cruel or confrontational; let's feed our mind, body and soul, and feed on the love we could all share.
Let's distribute the wealth equally, and let none be greedy, only taking the resources we genuinely require to lead a happy life. Let's switch off the brainwashing television, we won't be appeased by soaps 'cleaning our brain'; we can cleanse our own minds by freeing ourselves of tyranny oppression by being open, honest, having sincere integrity and by being true to Mother Nurture.
With positive action and a positive way, we will overcome injustice and inequality and prejudice; One World, One People.........

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