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Love Affaire (Rogue Flower Remix) :

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The tripped out remix of "Love Affaire", from 2018 as featured on the "Animals Think Big (Remixes 2018)" album which is available for you to stream almost everywhere right now. (Follow the links on the bottom of this page.)

The flowers that grow shine for you
Always in their garden
For wenst thou came
They too beheld you
The look was mutual
And in your hearts eye they appeared
Their blossoms true to you
Will you share that meaning
If only I could see your true perception
See the persuasion I assume
From knowing thou hand
Teaches me as I am a student of your beautiful heart
I can see so little and so much
Blind as I am to your inner realms
I can only see what you choose to show
How could I presume your truth
Don't make me ask so much of you
But really I need to know
That thou is my equal
Although we don't see the same
Enlighten me to your perception
And truest mine be your also
If that is a bargain we keep
From betwenst thou came
Those flowers flourish
Just as passion flow
Just because of you
I wish dearly to learn your flowers bloom
If only you'd take me there
I see I may if you indicate that reason
For thou would be a garden I grow
Forever more that secret garden yield
One day I will bring you that flower thou behelst
The special know it saw of you I too crave
For every dimension that touches I wish
To kindle of you in my heart
That fire will ne'er dowse itself
The trust of your
Is my questing coneferous passion
Beyond capabilities bestowed
Still I yearn to learn
Maybe mine to you seek
For if you choose my flower be yours as well
I can't help the way I feel
Sometimes I get on my knee
To grow our garden.

There are so many different forms of love, and people can show it in so many different ways.
Let's let go of our hatred and embrace peace and love. It's easy to see why war will be a thing of the past and love will be all that plays.
Maybe we should all just focus on finding our true flower, sharing it and get onto our knee and grow the garden?
Dedicated to you.........

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“Love Affaire (Rogue Flower Remix)“, is featured on the "Animals Think Big (2018 Remixes)" album, available for streaming or download just about everywhere!



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