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Dragon's Breath :

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Listen to our intense and moody trip-hop track, "Dragon’s Breath".

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Fantasy and imagination are important aspects of our life and indeed our minds eye. But then again, maybe creatures such as dragons and unicorns etc, do exist and we just don't know. Take for example the rumours about the Loch Ness monster or the Beast of Bodmin or the Yeti. Science cannot explain everything, and we personally doubt ever could. Life is rich and diverse, with perhaps even more in outer space or in other universes. We just don't know, but let's just hope and pray scientists don't want to experiment and dissect dragons or any creatures we may come across, unlike what has happened on this planet. Killing and destroying will not better human life, and will probably only hasten our destruction. Killing in the name of science is still killing!

Live and let live, it's nice to be nice, and kind to be kind.

All creatures great and small.......

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“Dragon's Breath“, is featured on our forth album, "Journeys into the Abstract", available for streaming or download just about everywhere!



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