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“Sno The Instrumental” is a laid back dance track with a kind of ambience to it that incorporates the atmosphere The Sound Foxes Experiment just love to explore.
It's good to share and care, and look after each other, especially when there is so much trouble today in the World.
With a different perspective and kind of beat, The Sound Foxes Experiment are definitely on true form with "Sno".
Time to celebrate the goodness of life and believe in more, we will all achieve greatness together - Together we stand, divided we fall.
In life it's good to enjoy what it is you achieve, and sometimes good to just reflect on what you have achieved already, and pause thinking there's always more to do. "Sno" was a reflective process to create and was conceived of in 2015. Although this version is quite short and simple, we think it is effective and bombastic enough to get you moving.
So let's put any bad times behind us - and just go for what you know!
Made with love!!

We hope you really enjoy Sno......

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“Sno (Instrumental)“, is featured on the "Animals Think Big" album and the "Sound Foxes E.P.", available for streaming or download just about everywhere!



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