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We Cares For We (Full Version) :

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This is the full vocal version of “We Cares For We”. Hopefully we all like love songs and have fallen in love - if not it'll happen....

This is the first song that we wrote together, during a time of great play. The music has been described as 'haunting yet calm', while the acapella explores the future, past and present.

This song took a year and a half to complete and was started early in 2015. The lyrics were written first, then the music created. It was later mixed together and post-production was added. Finally it was mastered.

We should all create music, it's so much fun and greatly therapeutic to explore ideas and come up with solutions in relation to music production. Sharing your soul is something which we believe is character building, (although all our music is storytelling) and you can develop a confidence you may have found you never had before, even if you just share with your best friends!

Love is a vastly underrated experience and we should all get some!!

An adventure today
Always the way
We will all say
We achieved today

Caressing your smile
Will take me a while
Your are so deep
Like you are my child
I’m lost in your ways
The weight of your gaze
You always amaze
With what you blaze

An adventure today
Always the way
We will all say
We achieved today

Can you share with me
I surely will please
No beginning no end
You’re always my friend
The cosmos is vast
The trees and the grass
Up there is much more
Love and amore

An adventure today
Always the way
We will all say
We achieved today

We can reach there together
A way to forever
We’re playing clever
Like kicking our measure
Our love is a gain
Like the wind sun and rain
Keeping it simple and plain
You are on a mystical train

An adventure today
Always the way
We will all say
We achieved today

Longing for thee
Keeping us free
Enjoying our hearts
Searching for art
Starting us up
And turning us on
We true belong
The gift of our song

With adlibs and total pleasure.

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