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Sometimes, it’s good to just mellow and relax. Time to kick back, enjoy and chill to this interpretation of Stoned.

We live in a golden time with a renaissance of marijuana legalisation, prescriptions, decriminalisation and generally smoking dope.

This is a special era for us, where if we're lucky we can go to the store and score an ounce of weed without having to visit the dodgy dealers place or inevitably the nitemare of the police station.

Long may this continue and grow......

With more research into the positive medical benefits of cannabis as well, we are closer to perhaps finding a wealth of great uses for this magical and oft neglected and demonized herb.

Unfortunately the over reliance of opioid and opiates has caused a generation to be hooked and even risk overdose etc, whereas marijuana as a pain killer has been lauded by many as a great way to be pain free and relatively safely too, even for chronic pain - and is not at all addictive either.

Hopefully more governments around the world will awaken to this liberal and open minded solution to 'the scourge of the lay-about marijuana addict' and laxen the often draconian and inexcusable anti-cannabis laws.

More positive research into the benefits of a bag of weed is definitely needed, hopefully one perfect day there will be no disease and no need for doctors.

So light up a phat spliff and chong away as the psychedelic Sound Foxes Experiment are playing some more crazy and experimental tunes.....

Let's simply enjoy our lifespan on this planet, and perhaps slow down our way of life, and be mellow and compassionate.

Life is definitely to be enjoyed and the marijuana plant has grown up with us and for us, a beautiful herb that dedicates itself to opening our minds eye to the possibilities of a pacifist and golden society. Civilisation was raised on the mighty herb, for good or bad, maybe we should trust nature instead of attempting to make it conform to our short sighted ideas. Love must be inclusive of all?

Music is meant to be enjoyed. So kick back and relax....

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